This is The Electric Druid Project - an epochal moment in the history of art and, perhaps, humbly, a step forward in the evolution of mankind; if nothing else, a twitch in the timeline of chutzpah, hubris, and hyperbole.

Here are the facts, presented as faqs:

What is the Electric Druid Project?

Briefly put, it's a dream, it's a phantasm, it's an adventure. I, Dark Lord Rob, master of space, dissension, and mime, intend to launch myself into worldwide collaboration with a veritable army of psychedelic musicians and to create a cosmic cornucopia of conceptual rock; uniting my skills with word, image, melody and story with the instrumental and compositional talents of mind-melting musicians from every corner of the globe.

What do you mean, "conceptual rock"?

I will work with each musician or assemblage of musicians to create a plot, framework or storyline that works with their particular sound, that generates a certain resonance both with their music and with the overall Electric Druid/Dark Lord Rob style and worldview.

Will there be songs, like Tommy, or just an overall conceptual "vibe" like, for example, some of the Rick Wakeman concept LPs?

The Electric Druid Project is a rock project; and I see rock as a song-oriented medium. Depending on musicians and styles involved, there may be some extended instrumental odysseys, but these will be nestled into a song-based framework. Example: "Sparks" on Tommy, or some of the pieces on Saucerful of Secrets.

Is there an example of what you mean?

Yup, right here on this site! It's called Doctor Hoffman's Magical Bicycle Ride; though the music was never completed (I hope it will be, as part of this new Project), you can see how the songs fit into a loose conceptual structure.

Will fans be able to download the music?

Yes, for a (dum da dum dum) Nominal Fee. And bare-bones CD-Rs will be available through mail-order.

Why not make it available free?

Dude! This site costs money! Bandwidth costs more money! Pizza costs money! Limousines... well, there'll be none of that. Look, I encourage file-sharing. Buy it, burn it, share it. The music (hopefully) will deserve to be disseminated. At the same time, the musicians deserve compensation. With a fee of $5 per album-length download, I can cover expenses and at the same time pay musicians a truly fair share (as opposed to what the RIAA sees as fair - pennies for the artist, dollars for the Record Company Hog Trough). And with my share, I hope to be able to fund some of the other creative projects you've seen listed elsewhere on the site.

Will the albums be tied in with the already-ongoing stories at all? Like, maybe a "Spacedog" album?

There will be some works that tie in with the novels - I'm thinking specifically of "Sea of Dreams", "Miskatonic Acid Test", and "Deadhead 2097", but for the most part I'm envisioning stand-alone projects like "Doctor Hoffman" (see above).

When will the first of these be available?

Soon, I hope! As you might guess from the breadth of this site, I can work very fast when motivated. So check back soon!

I'm a musician or band. How do I find out more?

Head to the American Entropy Collaboration Calibration. See you there!